Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Angry Bird-Day Liam

     I can't believe my baby boy turned 5!!  Recently, Liam has been all about Angry Birds.  He loves all of them: Original, Space, Star Wars, Rio, and the Holiday, of course we monitor how much he actually gets to play them.  So with his love of Angry Birds he wanted an Angry Bird-Day party.  I found some Angry Bird invitations, plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, table decorations, and balloons at Target and a party planning store.  To make it easier on us, we decided to have it at Chuck E Cheese, one of Liam's favorite places.  Only two of Liam's friends and their parents could make it plus Liam's Godmother, Lisa, and us.  It was a small party, but we all had a great time!

     The morning of Liam's birthday I made him a special Angry Bird breakfast and he got to open up a few presents before his party.

I got Liam and Kinley dressed in their Angry Bird shirts and we headed to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate his birthday.

I made him chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting with sprinkles.

Each of the kiddos got some tokens to go play some games.

Then we sat down for some pizza & fruit salad

Then it was time for singing Happy Birthday and cupcakes!

And of course PRESENTS!!

After presents Liam and Daddy hopped in the Ticket Blaster, he was going for the 1000 Ticket

     Seems like yesterday I was riding in the back seat with my new little bundle of joy while the hubby drove us extra cautiously home in the snow.  We are blessed to have such an incredible, smart, and caring boy full of spunk, who's an awesome Big Brother and a Joy in our lives.  His thirst for knowledge and never ending questions amazes us.  We thank God for blessing us with such a Happy and Healthy baby who has grown into such a wonderful boy.  Oh how time flies.  We are Proud of you and all your accomplishments so far and look forward to watching you grow each and everyday.  We cherish each moment of your life. 

HAPPY HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY my Sweet Little Liam.  We Love you with all our hearts, Mommy & Daddy

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