Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Impromptu Christmas

     This year we planned on driving to Texas to spend Christmas so the morning of the 23rd (after the hubby got home from a night shift) we decided to open all our gifts from each other and friends a day early.  It was definitely a morning of chaos, since I planned on us opening all of Santa's gifts when we got back from Texas, needless to say, NONE of them were wrapped yet....but we decided to go ahead and let Liam have them.  Since they weren't wrapped we had a few "magic" gift bags that would magically appear behind the Christmas tree full of his presents.  I of course, being the person that I am, had special wrapping for all the Santa gifts and was going to perfectly place them around the tree so when Liam woke up he would be so surprise....but that of course, did not happen.  As I was watching him "open" his presents with such joy and excitement, I knew the perfect wrapping and placement really didn't matter.  It was about sharing this special holiday with my family.

Liam was excited about his Transformer Rescue Bots

And a new Furby

And lots and lots of Angry Bird stuff

Kinley loves her new Dolly

And tried out her new Bumbo Chair

After opening up presents and the hubby went to sleep, 
we played a few games of Angry Birds.

We stayed in our PJs the rest of the day playing with Liam & Kinley's new toys and watching Christmas movies.  It was definitely an unplanned Christmas morning, but it was fun.

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