Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Performance

     With Liam in school and it being the holiday season it's only natural to think his school would be putting on some sort of Christmas show.  Well, they did and Liam wanted nothing to do with the actual performance part.  First, we were a little late arriving so he didn't get to get comfortable with being on stage before they started. So the hubby stayed on stage with him, hiding behind a Christmas tree, all the while Liam just stood there.  He didn't even sing the songs we've been practicing everyday. I did get a few waves from him.  Oh well, I guess he just wasn't into it.....maybe next year.  However, once it was over we all headed to the auditorium for some drinks and snacks.  His mood totally changed when he got to have a few cookies.  Santa even made a special appearance with treats for the kids, a reindeer candy cane, a Hersey Kiss, and peppermint candy.

We all had a great time even if Liam didn't sing.  It was a great learning experience for him.  Will be looking  forward to the next performance with the video camera ready!

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