Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Santa,
I only have one wish,
Instead of toys or golden fish,
I'd rather have Mylanta.

I need some for my dad,
Cause he is awful sick,
TUMS helped, but didn't stick,
So now he's really mad.

You wonder what he did,
To give him so much pain,
So find a seat and remain,
And listen to the kid.

He ate a plate of jelly,
Which mom told him "No",
It's not to eat, but for show,
So he's gone upset his belly.

He tried to lay down,
He tried to stand tall,
He started to crawl,
But it made him just frown.

He's a big ball of gas,
Waiting to burst,
Farts of the worst,
For him to pass.

So please Mr. Santa,
Send a bottle or two,
To my Daddy Lou,
Living in Atlanta.

I love him so much,
It'll make me so happy,
To see a well pappy,
So thank you, 
               Julie Bunch.

~ Candice (Pulliam) Masterson

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