Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sister Time

     I have been so looking forward to my sister coming out to California for the weekend and to celebrate baby Kinley at my baby shower.  She flew into Santa Barbara airport late wednesday night, by time we got back to the house it was definitely time for bed.  The next morning we were up early, I made some Blueberry Cream Muffins for all of us to enjoy for breakfast.  After we got dressed we all headed to My First Peekaboo for a "redo" 3D/4D ultrasound of baby Kinley.  It was really special sharing the experience with my sister.  Kinley actually cooperated this time, here's some of her pictures.

     After the ultrasound we went to Jersey Mike's for lunch then headed home so Liam could nap.  We hung out the rest of the day.  It was nice to just relax and just spend time with my sister.  Liam even put on a magic show for all of us.

Liam the Magician

Silly Aunt Alicia

     Friday, one of my friend's came over in the morning for some breakfast of coffee and cinnamon rolls.  We all hung out for awhile, then Alicia, Liam, and I got dressed and headed to the mall to find her hubby an anniversary gift and me a dress for my baby shower on Saturday.  We found the perfect dress, a beautiful green, purple, yellow, white, striped spaghetti strap Jessica Simpson maxi gown.  It would go perfect with the garden theme the ladies planned for my shower.  After some light shopping we headed home so the hubby could watch Liam and the sis and I could go get our nails done.  We had an appointment at 5:00pm for a Mani & Pedi at Allure Nail Salon.  It was so nice being pampered for an hour or so and definitely LOVED the massage chairs, they were awesome!!  After our little spa session we headed to Avant Tapas & Wine Bar.   

My pretty purple and sparkly silver nails.

The wine "Vending Machine" Alicia calls it.

Alicia enjoying some California wine.

Me enjoying some Ariangiata Pellegrino.

We dined on Duck Confit Crostini....

Roasted Beet & Peaches salad dusted with Pistachios.....

Trio of Beef Sliders.....

And for dessert a Fire Roasted S'More!

     Once we were stuffed, I drove us back home so we could get some rest for the fun shower activities that awaited us the next day.
     Saturday finally came and I was so excited I could barely sleep.  I hit the shower bright and early, we ate some breakfast and then Alicia and I headed to Beauty Solutions so I could get my hair cut and styled.  Wanted to look fabulous for my big day of course!  It didn't take long and we still had some time to kill before I was suppose to show up to Tori's house, so we went to Target to look around.  Alicia found some great deals.  It was fun shopping with my sister again.  It had been so long since we did that just the two of us.  After our little impromptu shopping session we headed over to Tori's house for my baby shower.  And boy was I surprised!  It was beautiful!  Here's a few pictures...

The lovely ladies who hosted the shower for me!
My sis and I

     What can I say...the shower was FAB-U-LOUS!!  I felt so loved and special! Thank you to Kristi & Tori for hosting it for me and all the ladies who celebrated with me.  After the shower, Alicia and I hung out for awhile then headed home.  It was a long day, so I went to bed early.  
     The next day was Sunday, Father's Day, and the day my sister had to go back home to San Antonio.    Her flight wasn't scheduled to leave till 4:30pm so we had plenty of time.  I made us all some blueberry pancakes, bacon, and fruit salad for us to enjoy.  When the hubby got up, courteous of Liam, we presented him with a special gift Liam and I made.

     After breakfast and everyone showered we loaded up the car and headed down to Santa Barbara for the day till we had to take Alicia to the airport.  Our first stop....lunch at the famous La Super-Rica Taqueria, where Julia Child used to go for tacos.  I ordered the Lomito Suizo & Tacos de Bistec.  They were both delish!!

     After lunch, I wanted to take my sis to one of my favorite cupcake shops, Crushcakes.  Who couldn't resist a sweet treat or two or three from there?!  I tried out the daily special, Tiramisu, Liam wanted a mini chocolate and vanilla, the hubby got a vanilla bean, sis chose the coconut and two minis, chocolate bliss and vanilla.

Liam enjoying his....

Alicia REALLY enjoying hers!

    Now that we were stuffed with tacos and cupcakes, we decided to head down to the beach to walk around.  It was quite breezy on the pier, but it sure was beautiful!

     It was a great last day to spend with my sister and to celebrate father's day with the hubby.  I was so sad to say good-bye, but she'll be visiting us down in New Mexico soon once Kinley is born in September.  It's so far away, but it will be here before we know it!  Thanks for a wonderful visit and LOVE you sooo much Alicia!!

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