Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our New Home

     I know it's been awhile...a LONG while!  So I thought I would start blogging again by posting up our new home!  We've been living here for about a little over a month now, so I will have to post up again with pictures with all our furniture and decorations.  But for now here ya go...please note these were taken while we were viewing the house, so ignore all the little extras in the pictures.

Here's the outside of the house...

Entering through the front door

  There is a little guest bathroom on the right inside the entry way.

     As you walk out of the entry way into the house this built in hutch type thingy is perfect for storing all the reusable shopping bags for walking to the markets, helmets for scooter riding, steins for "beer time", drawers for keys, extra lightbulbs, and all that other stuff.

     Here's the kitchen, my FAVORITE part of the house!  It's big, open, lots of counter space, and large cabinets perfect for all my pots and pans.  However, my baking stuff has no where to go.

     This is the other side of the kitchen, I planned to put up some racks for my baking stuff and pantry items.

     Around the corner is the living area, which leads out to the back patio.

     This is the other side of the living room, we planned to put our dining table here.

     When you head upstairs, this is the first bedroom, it's the smallest of the four.  So I plan on making this my craft/photography studio.  Big plans for this room!

     The next room is going to be Liam's.  He needed the biggest one on this floor for all his furniture.  

     This is the bathroom that the kiddos will be using.  Can't wait to decorate it all fun for them.

     Around the corner from the bathroom is Kinley's room.  It's a little smaller then Liam's but we will definitely make it work.  Can't wait to decorate her room!

     On the top floor, yep the fourth floor, is our room!  We have this HUGE build-in closet, which is great!  So we don't have to use the ones from post, but it also limits how much furniture will fit in our room.  Especially, since we have a king size bed and two sets of dressers, and night stands

     We do have our own bathroom, which is nice!  The owner even left a nice set of drawers which I can put all my makeup, hair stuff, towels, etc. in there.

There's a door from our room and in the hallway that leads out onto a balcony.
One day we plan on planting some pretty flowers and really making it 
as beautiful as the others we have seen around our neighborhood.

Well, thats just going up in our house.  We also have a level down stairs to the basement which
has a laundry room (with our loaner washer and dryer) and another room used for storage.  They are currently a big mess full of boxes and stuff from our move in.  So, I will wait to post a picture of that!
We also have access to an underground parking garage where we park our 
cars and store our garbage and Bio cans.

I still have some boxes to unpack and some organizing to do but I'm 
definitely looking forward to making our new house into a home!

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