Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Moving In

     The day had FINALLY come...we moved out of the hotel and into our new home!  Of course our household items haven't arrived, so we borrowed some furniture from post.  A couch, some chairs, dining set, and beds.  Which we didn't have but only a week, since our stuff arrived that Friday!  The military also loans out wardrobes (a form of a closet, since houses here don't have built in ones like the States), washer and dryer, and an American sized refrigerator/freezer (we have German style fridge upstairs in the kitchen, but is is quite smaller then the loaner) for us to use while we are here.   The first few days, while the hubby was at work with the one car we had, the kiddos and I explored our new town of Sindelfingen.

All packed up and ready to go!

Our keys and the underground garage opener

A couple of our new neighbors stopped by and gave us some welcoming gifts.  
Everyone here is so nice, we definitely found an awesome place to live!

Since I forgot to pack our pillows in our unaccompanied baggage, 
we took our first trip of many to come to IKEA for some much needed pillows for us.

Walking around downtown Maihingen (which is the part of Sindelfingen that we live in) we discovered a small grocery shop Netto, an organic or as they say Bio shop, another specialty food shop, a ice cream cafe, a Doner Kabab restaurant, an Italian restaurant, two bakeries, 
a butcher shop, and a spielplatz (playground).
The kiddos and I walk down to the markets about twice a week for fresh fruits and veggies. 
They enjoy the ice cream (Eis) too!

Having fun at one of the playgrounds

Found this art sculpture around the side of the Burgerhaus.

There are some really pretty German style houses around ours.

The Bio market

Bretzeln from the Bakery and Erdbeeren from the Bio Market

Relaxing outside with the kiddos have fun on the trampoline

Our stuff is here!!

Some treats for the movers

Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

It's been about a month or so since our stuff have been delivered and I am still unpacking some!
Can't wait for them to be completely gone.
Till then, I'll just keep unpacking one at time.

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