Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome to Arendelle.....

     Every year I try and do a fun party during Christmas time.  The first year we were here I hosted a Santa Letter Writing Party for Liam and his friends, the following year I hosted a Christmas Cookie Swap with my friends.  This year I wanted to do something a bit different and really over the top.  

     Now days it's hard to go anywhere without seeing Queen Elsa and Princess Anna's or even Olaf's face plastered on lunches boxes, t-shirts, watches, alarm clocks, books, phone covers, dolls, karaoke machines, scooters, cups, socks, fingernail polish, pillows, bedding....the list can go on and on and on and on.  But of course, we too, have given in to the Frozen phenomenon!  Kinley absolutely LOVES the movie as well as Liam. With our recent meeting of Queen Elsa at Walmart, I thought..."You know what would be fun?  Having a Frozen Christmas party this year."  So, then the idea was born!  This year, we will be partying in Arendelle!

     I got the idea for the party in October, so I had 2 and half months to plan and find decorations.  It was a total bonus that Christmas was right around the corner and all the snowflakes decorations were being stocked everywhere.  One thing I knew is that I wanted to stay away from the Frozen characters and I wanted the main color to be white with little touches of blue.  Like a walking into a winter wonderland.  After everything was set up, I totally captured my vision.  I didn't want to take it all down.


So here is the entry way.....

     I hung some fringe snowflake curtains in the main doorway to the living area to make the reveal a little more special and doorway to block off the kitchen (found the curtains on Amazon).  I lined the floor with white butcher paper to make it look a little like a magical path of snow that lead to the living area, then drew some snowflakes on it and lined the edges with the fluffy "snow" I found at Walmart (found the paper on Amazon).

     These tall white tinsel spiral trees I found at Target, the Let It Snow sign and white cone tree at Hobby Lobby.

     As I was decorating I thought the wall looked too bare, so I draped some white garland and some large snowflakes I found at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

     This was one of my favorites...Our little entry bookshelf got a Frozen makeover too!  I draped some sparkly snowflake fabric I found at Walmart to hid the bookshelf.  Then wrapped some books in shiny snowflake wrapping paper.  Topped those off with a cute silver snowflake latern, white dove, and plastic snowflake from Hobby Lobby.  On the shelf I placed a pretty Merry Christmas sign, some frosty trees, and plastic snow from Hobby Lobby too.  I fell in love with the white mitten garland I found at Target.  The white tree with snowflake ornaments I got at Target.  The pretty mirror sign was also at Hobby Lobby.  Let's just say I had A LOT of fun shopping at HB for decorations, especially since they were all marked down 40-50% off!!!

     I placed Queen Elsa up in the shelf too (it's just Kinley's new ornament she got this year).

    As you make your way through the snowflake curtain, this is what you saw!  Snow and snowflakes falling from the "sky".  It was so magical.  Really looked like you were walking in a winter wonderland.  And yes, I did string ALL of these.  I found all sorts of white snowflakes, sparkly ones, little ones, medium ones, big ones, glittery ones, shiny ones, puffy ones, sequin ones at HB, The Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target.  Then I used fishing line and one by one strung them up.  I also strung some different size cotton balls to look like falling snow.  Then tacked them up to the ceiling with push pins, well actually my mom did them for me.

Onto the drink and serving station...

     This wall too was really bare.  I covered the buffet with a thin white fabric shower curtain I had on hand, then some pretty opal fabric I found at Walmart.  I strung some white warm lights then topped with the fluffy "snow".  It made it look so pretty with glowing snow.  

     I create the Let It Snow banner on PicMonkey then printed it out at Office max.  My very awesome friend, cut the letters into pendents and strung them together for me.  Added a few snowflakes for some flare and voila!

     To add a little Frozen to it, I placed Sven pulling a little sparkly sled I found at HB with the rolled up glittery utensils in snowflake napkins tied with a ribbon (found the Napkins,  Utensils, and Plates on Amazon).  For the cups, I found some clear plastic ones at Target then Kinley helped put on some snowflake stickers on them.  The pretty lit tree in the background was a fabulous find at Target.  

Into the living area...

     Of course I had Frozen playing non stop for all the princesses to watch or listen to the music.  For Christmas we usually have red and silver stockings, but thought they wouldn't really go with our theme this year.  I found these pretty white ones at Walmart and strung some silver and gold ball garland I found at Target above them.  The mantel is simply decorated with some white glittery branches and tinsel garland.

      I hung some Anna and Elsa canvas pictures I found at Walmart on the walls, since it is a Frozen party, we need a few things with them on it.

     What's Frozen with out the comedic relief, Olaf??  I placed him up there with some pretty sparkly branches in a vase filled with plastic snow.  On the other side I made a Let It Snow sign.

Onto the buffet tablescape....

     This was one of my favorite parts to decorate for the party.  I am ALL about tablescapes, if you haven't noticed already from my previous parties.  First thing I did was hang up a huge white sheet to hide the windows.  Then strung up some warm white christmas lights.  Then hung up two opalescent fringe curtains on top of the lights for some sparkle (found them on Amazon).  To cover the table I found a very pretty silver and white tablecloth at Target with I topped part of it with some white sequin fabric from Walmart.  Then placed some more white lights then some fluffy "snow" on top.

     On the left side of the table I used my apothecary jars and filled them with some plastic snow and some sparkly silver twigs, snowflakes, and ornaments I found at Walmart.  Then wrapped some snowy garland around them.

     The centerpiece was my favorite part of the table!  I found the Let It Snow sign at HB, on sale of course.  The branches were easy to make.  I spray painted some of them white, then drizzled on some Epson salt and glitter for that sparkly frosted look.  I also found some silver branches already done at HB.  I stuck them in a huge vase filled with some plastic snow.  To add a little sweetness to them, I hung some white Rock Candy Crystal Sticks, which looked like icicles and the kiddos could take home for a treat later (found them on Amazon).

     On the right side of the table, I place some more of those lit trees and Kinley's Elsa doll.  Then wrapped some more snowy garland around them.

     As for the food, I had a bunch!  All white of course to fit in with the winter wonderland theme.  Check out the Frosty Finger Food post for the recipes.

     Along the bar to the kitchen I draped a white tablecloth, set up some more white cone trees, a little snowflake JOY accent, a WinterMint candle, and Anna of course.  I also set out the party favors for the kiddos over there too.

     This party was definitley one for the books! I had so much fun planning and creating it.  Everyone was surprised and amazed at everything.  Makes me so happy to bring make some magic for all the little princesses.  Can't wait to share all the rest of the party with you!  Check it out tomorrow!

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