Monday, January 12, 2015

Frosty Finger Food

     To me a serving amazing food is one of the most important details to hosting a great party.  It's actually one of the first things I do.  Coming up with a menu that best goes with the party theme can be a challenge but one I love to face.  Since it is a Frozen theme party with a winter wonderland feel, the foods needed to be white.  I placed everything on a white platter or bowl to stick with the winter wonderland theme.  

     For the Snow pops I covered a box with silver snowflake wrapping paper, put some floral foam inside to stick the pop sticks into, then topped with some pearl gum balls.  The snowflake bowls I found at Target.  

     As for the food cards, I created them on PicMonkey, had them printed at Office Max.  Then glued them to some snowflake craft paper.  The stands are just styrofoam balls that I cut into halves, spray painted white, dusted with plastic snow.  Then cut a small slit into the tops to put the food cards into.

Here's what we enjoyed....

Turkey & Peanut Butter and Jelly Snowflake Sandwiches

White Cheddar Cheese Snowballs

Ranch Snowflake Pasta

Snow Covered Pretzels

Icy Kisses & Warm Hugs

Powdered Donut Hailstones

Bottled Melted Snow

     It was a pretty simple buffet, kid friendly and so yummy!  Can't wait to show you all the fun we had at the party.  Check it out tomorrow!

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