Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Frozen Fun

     So what's a party with out some party activities?  While we were waiting for all the girls to arrive, the little princesses drew some beautiful snowflakes on the white paper I had on the floor.  It was a great beginning activity to keep them busy.

     Once everyone had arrived, I took the princesses outside for some snow fun!  I had purchased a mini snow machine, which I set up to surprise them.  Once I turned it on they were so surprised!   It was great to watch them having so much fun, jumping, dancing, running, and laughing as the foamy "snowflakes" floated down on them. 

     After some fun outside in the "snow" we headed back inside to be greeted by a special guest!  Queen Elsa had stopped by to spend some special time with all the princesses. (I hired her from A Princess for Hire)

     She first read the story of Frozen to all the girls.  Kinley was so happy she was there and just had to sit next to her.

     When the story ended, all the girls gathered around to play Pass the Wand.  It was like musical chairs, when ever the music ended the princess who was holding the wand got to go make a magical wand for herself.  The girls really enjoyed it and the craft.

     Making princess wands with Queen Elsa is always magical!

     After lunch, the little ladies got their hair and nails done by Queen Elsa.  

     All beautified and sparkles in their hair, the girls played a couple more games including a Cinderella's Glass Slipper Hunt, the Princess & the Pea, and Kiss the Prince.

     As a party favor for all the girls, and two boys (which were my son and his friend, who pretty much stayed in his room playing legos, except to eat) were given one of these.  I found some cute Frozen and Marvel Super Hero glow sticks and some Frozen Jelly Bellys at Walmart.  I taped them together then my friend attached a "Thank You SNOW Much for Coming" tag and a snowflake at the top.  I created the tags on PicMonkey then had them printed at Office Max. 

     All the girls had so much fun with all the planned activities.  My favorite part though was seeing their faces light up with Queen Elsa walked it.  It was priceless!  It brought a HUGE smile to my face.  I have one more post, which I am so excited to share with you and you'll see why if you check it out tomorrow!  Might have to do with a certain princess who I have a lot of similarities with....

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