Saturday, December 6, 2014

Zippy & ZuZu: Shoe Helpers

     Do you celebrate Saint Nicholas day?  We do.....Every year the kiddos set out their shoes/boots to await the arrival of Saint Nicholas.  It has a long European history that is slowly being celebrated in the United States.  With some of our family members being German decent, I thought this would be a great tradition to adopt.  If you are unfamiliar about Saint Nicholas day, let me explain it....It is always celebrated on December 6th and focuses on children who still believe in the legend of St. Nicholas and his gift giving of coins, food, and small presents to those who are in need.  It is a holiday focused on charity, love, and faith.  Children leave their shoes (and in Dutch culture, their wooden clogs) near the fireplace or out in the hall.  Saint Nicholas would place treats, nuts, chocolates, gifts, food, and coins inside the shoes to be found in the morning.  As for our tradition for St. Nicholas day, he brings the kids chocolate coins (which Liam gets, Kinley doesn't eat chocolate, so they go to me), small gifts, and always a new ornament to put on our Christmas tree.  Since, we have started doing the Elf on the Shelf I have incorporated our friendly Zippy into the spirit of Saint Nicholas day as well.  And this is ZuZu's first year celebrating with us!  I can't wait for the kiddos to see their surprises.

Shoes goes out on December 5th....

to be discovered the morning of December 6th!

We also got a new book to read tonight!

See ya tomorrow!

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