Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Another one of our full day activities from Our Summer Bucket List is visiting San Luis Obispo.

We went to the Creekside Brewery for lunch.  My Metropolitan Salad was simply amazing, 
Liam loved his chicken tenders & fries, and the hubby enjoyed his tacos.

Liam was being a silly head.  Love his goofy faces.

After lunch we walked down to the creek below the brewery.  

Liam and daddy crossed some big rocks across the creek....

And back again.

The we walked down to this place called the Rocket Fizz a Soda Pop & Candy store.

There were so many sodas and all sorts of candy!!  The hubby picked out a 
ginger soda and a Mr. Cola.  Liam picked out a blue raspberry & watermelon swirl ring pop
and I filled a bag up of salt water taffy.

Liam shared his ring pop with daddy.

And who couldn't resist taking a picture with Stay Puft the Marshmallow Man? 

Lots and lots of fun in SLO today!  Another Summer Bucket List activity to mark off.

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