Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Today, we marked off visiting the Madonna Inn from Our Summer Bucket List.  We headed out early this morning to San Luis Obispo for breakfast at the inn's famous Copper Cafe.

Liam tried out their pancakes, they were delicious.  I opted for the ham and cheese omelet 
with bacon, hash browns, and toast. The hubby chose the traditional bacon, eggs, and toast.  Everything was amazing!

The Madonna Inn is known for their specialty cakes, 
amazing pastries, and yummy chocolates.  
After breakfast we all picked out a little sweet treat from 
the chocolate display to enjoy.

And of course we just had to make a "squish penny" to add to Liam's collection.

After breakfast we walked around the hotel.  
There was pink EVERYWHERE!!

Then we headed outside and enjoyed our sweet chocolate treats by some water fountains.

We walked around some of the grounds and came across these beautiful and friendly horses.

They even let us pet them and feed them some grass.

Today was a lot of fun! I'm so happy we finally got to visit the historic Madonna Inn.  Just wish we could've stayed in one of the hotel rooms, they are suppose to be amazing.

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