Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Son Up to Sun Down

     Since it is June, the time for summer days, so my blogger friends and I linked up to create some poems about the Sun.  Click on the links below to check out some other words of rhyme and rhythm.

Son Up to Sun Down

Six fifteen the Son is awake,
breakfast and lunch I sleepily make.
Get dressed and have a bite,
off to the bus,  Sun shining bright.
Wave goodbye, to school he goes,
walk home, the Sun softly glows.

Seven thirty she's awake,
so much for my morning break. 
Beaming Sun on her bed,
clothes on, breakfast fed.
Walk to Kindi, kisses goodbye,
glowing Sun in the sky.

Nine am out the door,
groceries to shop,  at the store.
Load them in, put away,
the Sun now shines about midday.
Walk to Kindi, pick her up,
lunch to eat with her favorite cup.

One pm chores begun,
laundry hung in the warm Spring Sun.
Dishes to do, floors to sweep,
wish this girl would go to sleep.
Battle lost, outside we play,
bubbles, chalk, bounce all day.

Three thirty pick up the boy,
the bus is late, oh what joy.
A little snack and homework done,
out to play in the afternoon Sun.
Switch out laundry, more to dry,
"will I ever be done?" out I cry.

Five pm Pinterest recipe up I look,
ingredients gathered ready to cook.
Table set, kids come in,
bedtime routines soon to begin.
Sun still bright, up it stays,
making for longer days.

Seven pm shower time,
wash off dirt and the grime.
Teeth clean, pajamas on,
books read, then a yawn.
Sunset peaking through closed blinds,
time to rest their busy minds.

Eight pm in beds they lay,
kisses, hugs, goodnights we say.
All tucked in, ready to sleep,
to dreamland gradually they creep.
Sun setting, beautiful views,
a collection of warm colorful hues.

Ten pm one more Netflix show,
up the stairs, to bed I must go.
Sun is down, disappear,
kids asleep, some snoring I hear.
Another busy day all around, 
from Son up to Sun down.

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