Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter Poems

     With the arrival of Winter, some of my blogger friends and I decided to put together a Winter Poetry link up for this month.  Check out some other creative Winter poems by clicking on the links below.


The warm turns into cold
and the sun goes down by four.
You must bundle up tight
before stepping out the door.

The season brings an unwelcome chill
one that goes up your spine.
Winds that whip your scarf around
and your hair that intertwines.

Fingers cringe with icy joints
making it hard to say "Hello."
Toes almost frozen
in the knee deep cotton snow.

"Winter is a here!"
we all hear them speak.
But, I wish it were summer again
with the sun upon my cheek.

~ C.M.

Snow Clouds 

Rain turns into snowflakes,
they sprinkle all around.
Whiteness covers the city 
and blankets the frozen ground.

Snowflakes turn into snow,
piled up so high.
Streets dusted with salt
from the plows that rumble by.

Snow turns into snowmen,
big spheres of frozen fun.
Decorated to the max
until they melt from the glowing sun.

Snowmen turn into slush,
a puddle of imagination.
When it warms up again,
He'll turn into evaporation.

~ C.M.

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