Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas was Here, Now it's Gone....

     I know it's already January, but I of course have to post how we spent our Christmas Day!  We didn't have anyone over or get all dressed up to go somewhere.  We actually were waken up by a very excited little boy, I think around 7ish, so it wasn't too early.  Liam and I went to wake Kinley up and then we all moseyed down stairs to see what Santa have brought us.  We opened gifts, stayed in PJs all day, played with the kiddo's new toys, Kinley gave us makeovers with her new pretend make up from Just Like Mommy Cosmetics, watched some new Christmas movies, built some new Lego creations, played the new Lego Dimensions video game, ate some yummy Christmas meals, and just enjoyed some quality family time.

Liam made us a beautiful Christmas ornament at school.

It's my family's tradition to make homemade ornaments and exchange 
them with other members of our extended family.  This is the one my mom 
created this year.  She lives in Texas, so usually its a Texas or a red,
 blue, and white themed ornament.

My sister did this one, she usually creates an ornament using burlap.

Here's the one I made this year.  Since we live the military life and are moving every 3 or 4 years, I try to theme my ornament around the area that we live.  This year, since we live in Germany I wanted to incorporate something German.  So, I found these little mushrooms, which are VERY popular around this area.  They are used as decorations starting in the fall, they are also found in forms of candies and chocolates.  I just attached them to some cinnamon sticks I bounded together and then glued on a little Germany flag.  Simple, yet perfect.

Special presents from Santa to Liam!

Special Santa presents for Kinley!

They couldn't wait to start ripping open the paper!

This year Liam got to do his own shopping at his school's Christmas shop.  
He was so excited to give us our gifts.  

Liam gave me this beautiful Snowflake Bracelet.

Kinley made something special for us too at her school.

Nana and Papa know what Liam loves!

Even Daddy got a fun Lego set to build!

My sister got me these yummy flavored Hot Chocolates that I can wait to try out!

When we have little presents we place them on the branches of our 
Christmas tree so they don't get lost in the bigger presents.

Like some new diamond earrings from the hubby!

Kinley absolutely loves her pretend make up from Just Like Mommy Cosmetics.
She gave us ALL makeovers!

I think he's a happy boy!

Watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Daddy.

I think someone needed a nap...

Liam building some Minecraft Legos and Kinley coloring in her new Merida coloring book.

Happy Girl!

Now on to building the Lego Dimensions Portal so we can start the game.

Later that night we enjoyed our Christmas dinner, picnic style, 
since our dining table was full of Lego creations.

For dessert I made a yummy Chocolate Cake!

Legos, legos, legos...EVERYwhere!

The hubby working on the Star Wars Millennium Falcon...

And of course it isn't Christmas until you have one 
of my mom's famous Ohio Buckeyes for desert!

Finally a family photo!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, we sure did!

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