Friday, September 5, 2014

July Crafternoon

          For July's Crafternoon I hosted and planned on everyone getting their "wreck" on.  I recently discovered Wreck This Journal, it's such a fun way to bring out your creativity.  I got a journal for each of my guests, set out all kinds of crafting items, some traditional others not so much.  

Gaby getting her "wreck" on!

My friend, Gaby, brought her mother-in-law Donna.  
She had fun "wrecking" her journal too!

This is one of Donna's pages

Here are some of Gaby's

Gaby's hubby, Josh, even joined in the fun!

I got a little messy with my journal.
I used some paint and a fork to make these cool designs, 
which turned out to look like fireworks.
Pretty fitting since it was a 4th of July themed Crafternoon!

Kinley wanted to do a little "wrecking" herself

So did Liam, he made an awesome hat

As far as the food went, I did a play on hot dogs.
I found some different yummy sausages, 
then came up with some interesting toppings for each one.

This one was one of my favorites!

Pretty tasty!

Yum Yum!

This one was my second favorite!

I just had to taste them all!

As far as desserts go...I made these cute Cheeseburger Cupcakes 
and Crinkle Cut Cake Fries with a side of Plum Jelly as ketchup.

It was a good day, full of creativity, great friends, yummy food, and lots of fun!
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