Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Crafternoon

     It's another month and you know what that means......Time for us ladies to get together and craft at our monthly Crafternoon!  This month my friend Elizabeth hosted and she found some fun for all of us to do!

Since, Margarita Day had just passed we wanted to celebrate it!
She made a yummy spread of chips & salsas, 
avocado ranch with veggies, 
some Skinny Girl Pomegranate Margaritas, 
and I brought some Margarita Cupcakes!

For this month's craft, she found these cute Origami making kits.
I have never done Origami, so I was really excited!

Here's the first one I attempted, The Horse!
It took me awhile, since it was a "medium" difficulty, which I didn't notice at the time....
guess I should have started with an easy instead. Oh well.

Here's one of the easy ones, The Pig.

Then I tried another hard one, The Owl.
This one was my favorite!

The kits came with all the papers, instructions, and these cute backgrounds for picture taking.
So here's my Origami Farm...

My friend Marisa did these undersea creatures!

Elizabeth folded up the Whale and I did the Flounder...

Here's the other two I did, The Love Bird and my Owl.

This was a simple yet very fun craft!
Looking forward to see what is in store next month at Marisa's house!

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