Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our Saint Patrick's Day

     Saint Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays, guess it's the Irish in me coming out, or that I love the color green, or the fun tricks the leprechauns play... This year Liam and I had a lot of fun making leprechaun traps, going on a rainbow shamrock scavenger hunt looking for the leprechaun's special surprises, enjoying rainbow, green shamrock, and Irish food.  Even Kinley and the hubby enjoyed this fun holiday.  

Liam and I read "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day" 
and created our very own Leprechaun traps the night before.

One out of a box with scrapbook paper, stickers, and glitter
the other he created out of his legos,
with gold coins leading up to the trap of course.

When Liam woke up the leprechauns 
left shamrocks on his door...

Turned the chairs on their sides...

He took the gold coins from the traps 
and left the first shamrock of a rainbow scavenger hunt.
The first was a red Shamrock that said "MOM" 
and some chocolate Gold Coins.
Looks like the leprechauns played a trick on mom 
and left chocolate coins in her pocket.
And the second orange shamrock
 was taped to her leg, said "PEE"

Liam headed to the bathroom to discover GREEN pee,
more chocolates, and the third yellow shamrock "CAT".
He then went into the laundry room where the kitty's food is
to find the green shamrock "CUP" and more coins.
He looked in the kitchen for his cups 
and found the blue "TV" shamrock.
The last purple shamrock was on the T.V. sound bar
that said "PILLOW".

Liam found a basket of special treasures the leprechaun left
behind the couches in the pile of pillows.

Kinley and Daddy got special surprises too!

I made Liam a Rainbow Breakfast

A Green Shamrock Lunch

A Festive Green Snack

And an Irish Dinner & Dessert

Here's some of the fun pictures we took, all dressed in GREEN
No one got pinched this year!

Lucky Daddy Kisses

Kinley tried to get Daddy's Guinness

Our little Irish Lady

Our little Irish Man

Our Little Leprechauns 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the Mastersons!

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