Friday, March 8, 2013

In the Mountains

     On Saturday we slept in, enjoyed a late breakfast, got dressed then headed up to the Apache Ski Resort to check it out.  We tried to get Liam to ski, but he didn't want to, maybe next year.

Apache trails

We stopped to take a few pictures

Since, Liam didn't want to learn to ski we
 found a place he could tube down some snow

The boys LOVED it!

Kinley on the other hand....
she got a little fussy and hungry after watching them go down once.  
So we hung out in the car of a bit...perfect time for a photo-op.

After tubin' we went back to the cabin 
for some lunch and hot tubbin'
The boys got in while us girls sat on the swing

Later that evening we went to Landlocked for a yummy dinner

After dinner went back "home" for some shut eye
...and that was our Saturday

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