Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

     Liam's first Valentine's Day party for school is coming up, so I went on Pinterest, one of favorite websites, to look up some ideas for Valentine's cards.  At first, I was just going to buy some at Target, but then decided making them would be more fun and special.  Here's what I created...


Colored Card stock
Printer Paper
Paper cutter
Dollar Store Heart Maze Games
Corner cutters
Adhesive stickers
Glue Dots


Using the computer, print out:

"You are an
"Happy Valentine's Day"

Using the paper cutter, cut the printed paper into a square.
Then cut the corners using a fancy corner cutter.

Stick the printed paper using the adhesive stickers onto a piece of colorful card stock.
Using the paper cutter again, cut another square, leaving some space.
Then cut the corners of the card stock with a corner rounder cutter.

Attached a glue dot on the back of one of the maze toys.
    Then stick the maze in the middle of the Valentine.
I also had Liam sign the bottom, so his friends know it's from him.

A basket full of Valentine's!

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