Monday, February 11, 2013

Teacher's Valentine's Day Gifts

     I am so excited this year will be Liam's first school Valentine's Day party.  I've already made his classmate's valentines, but I wanted to do something special for his teachers as well.  So of course, I searched on Pinterest to get some fun ideas and here's what I came up with....


Bottle of Hand Soap
Card stock
"I was Soapin' you'd be my Valentine" printed paper
Paper square adhesives
Paper cutter
Hole Puncher


Using your computer, print out 
"I was Soapin' you'd be my Valentine"
Use the paper cutter to cut a rectangle around the words.
Then use some fun scissors to cut around the edges of the rectangle.

Using the paper adhesive squares, 
stick the printed paper onto a piece of card stock.
Next using the paper cutter again, cut another rectangle
around the printed paper leaving enough room 
to cut the edges with the fun scissors.

Punch a hole at the top left corner of the card stock.
Use the fun scissors to cut the edges of the card stock.

I had Liam sign his name, so the teachers know it was from him.

Decorate the card tag with stickers then
thread a piece of ribbon through the hole,
around the pump of the hand soap 
and tie a knot or a bow.

That's it!  A cute Valentine's gift for any teacher or friend.

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