Monday, December 12, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

     This year I added a new tradition and a new addition to our family......Zippy the Elf joined our family on Saint Nicholas Day (Dec. 6th).    Usually for Saint Nicholas Day, Liam sets out his shoes and the next morning he is surprised with little gifts and candy.  But this year, there was a special surprise waiting for him to discover at the end of a ribbon trail.  It was so exciting watching him open this special delivery.  We read the elf's story book and even adopted him online with the name Zippy.  Since then Zippy has been surprising Liam with new hiding spots and little gifts every morning.  It's been so much fun starting this holiday tradition and bringing some fun Christmas spirit in the house.  Here are a few pictures of Zippy caught in action.

Set out his shoes

Saint Nicholas came!

Follow the ribbon trail...

Special Delivery

Elf on the Shelf!
Zippy the Elf

Zippy hiding in the Christmas Trees

Zippy climbing up the shelf to get a gift

Zippy made a mess coloring
Zippy left a message for Liam

Zippy swinging from the fan

Zippy fishing for gummy fish
Zippy Wins!

Zippy racing the other toys...

Zippy added some more decorations
Caught Zippy red handed 

Zippy practicing his typing skills

Zippy having a snack and watching Rudolph 

Zippy chillin' on the mantel

Zippy playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with his friends

Zippy took a shower

Zippy left Liam a Candy Cane Garden Growing Kit

Pouring in the "Magical Dirt"

Planting the "Candy Cane Seeds"
(Peppermint candies)

Sprinkling on the "Candy Cane Fertilizer"
(Christmas sprinkles)

Liam completed his Candy Cane Garden

Zippy waiting for the Candy Canes to grow.....
(They only grow for good behavior)

A Candy Cane grew! A Candy Cane grew!
(Liam must have been a good boy!)

Zippy hanging out on the DVD shelf

Zippy snacking in the pantry

Zippy having a marshmallow snowball fight

Marshmallow snowballs....yum!

Zippy, Rex, & Woody  vs.

Chunk, Sparks, & Twitch

Zippy replaced the stockings with undies

Zippy helped Santa bring Liam's presents
(also Zippy's last day with us before he flew
back to the North Pole till next year)

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