Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

     My family has a Christmas tradition of making home made ornaments and swapping them instead of presents between families.  Every year I come up with an ornament that features things around the area where we live.  Since, we live in the middle Pinot Noir wine country I decided to use wine corks that I have saved over the years.  It was really simple and turned out wonderful.  I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest.

     Here's all the tools you will need:
* Drill with small bit
* Wine corks
* Thin ribbon
* Different colored beads with large holes
* Crystal charms or tassles
* Darning or beading needle
* Scissors


1.Carefully drill a hole through the center of the cork lengthwise using a small bit drill.
2. Slide one or more decorative beads over the loop of the crystal charm or tassle.
3. Cut approximately 1 foot of ribbon and slip one end into the crystal charm or tassle loop (above the beads) then bring ends of ribbon together.
4. Thread the ribbon (now attached to the crystal charm or tassle) through the darning needle and bring up through the center of the cork then pull till the beads and tassle are in contact with the cork.
5. Slip one or more decorative beads over the ribbon then knot the ribbon several inches up leaving a loop to hang from Christmas tree branch.
6. Cut excess ribbon above the knot and use Fray Check (available at to prevent ribbon from fraying. You may also carefully use a lighter or match to slightly singe the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
7. Glue the beads to the top and bottom of the cork to ensure they remain centered and in place.

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