Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Witchy Women

     So, since it is October my blogger friends and I are posting up some Fall poems this month.  I love Fall, the change of the leaves, the crisp in the air, pumpkin spice everything, and of course Halloween!  Sticking with the Halloween theme, I decided to post one inspired by a recent photoshoot I was in.  Have a SPOOKtacular day!
Photo by Kim Suzanne Images

Witches that cackle, tackle
with brews, spells, lotions, potions
for the sexes, hexes
with eye of newt, mummy's toe, bat wings, things
mixed together boil and bubble, trouble
witches on the prowl, growl
black cats with eerie eyes, flies
on broomsticks in the air, hair
stringy, long, black and grayed, frayed
black dresses, stockings, and hat, flat
black shoes with rusted buckles, chuckles
the witches about the lies, cries
of terrified children in their beds, heads 
must roll from the witches, bitches
of Hell, daughters of Satan, waitin'
to cast their evil spirits out, shout
the townspeople "Thou shall hang them", Salem
known for witchcraft, soon vanished, punished
by death, drowned, hung, feathered, burned......Earned.

Photo by Kim Suzanne Images

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* Photo credit: Kim Suzanne Images * Dress made by Cordelia Royle 
* Feather capelet made by Ravennixe * Emerald earrings by Nouveau Dreams
* Emerald bracelet by Mikaylove

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