Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wacky, Weird, Bizarre, & Unique

     It's Poetry time!  My friend Karen over at Baking in a Tornado got a few blogger friends together to come up with some awesome poetry about the Wacky and Weird Holidays of August.  Check out some of the links below for some more poetry!

Wacky, Weird, Bizarre, & Unique

Holidays can be wacky,
Holidays can be fun.
I like the holidays best
in the warm sun.

Holidays can be weird,
Holidays can be bright .
I like the holidays adorned
with twinkling light.

Holidays can be bizarre,
Holidays can be geeky.
I like the holidays that
aren't too freaky.

Holidays can be unique,
Holidays can be new.
I like the holidays I 
can celebrate with you.

Culinary Days of August  

Raspberry cream pie on August first,
Ice cream sandwiches the day after that.
Watermelon slices on August third, 
And Chocolate Chip Cookies right off the mat.

Mustard day is coming up,
Your neighbor's porch covered in squash.
S'mores to eat on August tenth,
And Creamsicle hands that need a wash.

Spumoni on a hot summer's day, 
More herbs, less salt for healthier snacks.
Toasted marshmallows on August thirtieth,
And trail mix loaded with energy to the max.   

Check out these other awesome poems about the Wacky & Weird holidays of August:

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