Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lucky Poems

     Since this is March, the month of wearing green, chasing after rainbows, digging up gold, and believing in Leprechauns, my blogger friends and I linked up to bring you some poems about LUCK.  Click on the links below to check out some more poetry.

Four Leaf Clover

One leaf for Hope, a desire of expectation.
One leaf for Faith, a belief of salvation.
One leaf for Love, a feeling of affection. 
One leaf for Luck, a chance of gratification.

Lucky Trinkets 

A penny in your pocket
a piggy as a locket.
A horse shoe above your door
a laughing Buddha on the floor.
A wishing well in your yard
a dragon standing guard.
A dream catcher to help you sleep
a cricket that likes to leap.
A lady bug upon your hand
an alligator tooth found in the sand.
An acorn fallen from a tree
an rusty ancient Roman key.
A rabbit's foot on a chain
a garden lion with a mane.
A bamboo stalk growing tall
a beautiful Kachina doll.
An evil eye protecting you
a four leaf clover by your shoe.
A three legged toad made of gold
a Scrab Beetle Egyptian old.
An elephant fit for a king
a Cat's Eye stone set in a ring.
So many trinkets to bring you luck,
But you still didn't win the lottery.... #@%&$!

Check out these lucky poems:

Baking in a Tornado
The Bergham Chronicles
Someone Else's Genius
Spatulas on Parade

Here's an Irish Blessing just for you...
May your pockets be heavy,
Your heart be light.
May good luck pursue you each
morning and night.

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