Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Poems

   With Thanksgiving right around the corner, some of my blogger friends and I decided to put together a Thanksgiving Poetry link up together.  Check out some other creative  poems by clicking on the links below.

A few Haiku's...

Food on the table
Family gathered with love
Thanksgiving's complete.

~ C.M

The leaves are changing
There is a chill in the air
Thanksgiving is here.

~ C. M

Apple pie is great
Pumpkin pie is delicious
Pecan pie is best.

~ C.M.

Time to gather,
Time to greet,
Time to be thankful each time we meet.
Family to hug,
Family to kiss,
Family to tell how much they've been missed.
Friends who laugh,
Friends who smile,
Friends who we haven't seen in awhile.
Memories we make,
Memories we share,
Memories that last throughout the year.
Thankful to love,
Thankful to pray,
Thankful for life each and every day.
~ C. M.

Check out these other great poems:

Baking in a Tornado
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Someone Else's Genius
The Bergham Chronicles

Happy Thanksgiving!

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