Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Witches & Vampires

     With Halloween right around the corner, some of my blogger friends and I decided to put together a Halloween Poetry link up together.  Check out some other creative spooky poems by clicking on the links below.

Witches that cackle, tackle
with brews, spells, lotions, potions
for the sexes, hexes
with eye of newt, mummy's toe, bat wings, things
mixed together boil and bubble, trouble
witches on the prowl, growl
black cats with eerie eyes, flies
on broomsticks in the air, hair
stringy, long, black and grayed, frayed
black dresses, stockings, and hat, flat
black shoes with rusted buckles, chuckles
the witches about the lies, cries
of terrified children in their beds, heads
must roll from the witches, bitches
of Hell, daughters of Satan, waitin'
to cast their evil spirits out, shout
the townspeople "Thou shall hang them", Salem
known for witchcraft, soon vanished, punished
by death, drowned, hung, feathered, burned........Earned.

~ C.M.

Sweet Toothed Vampires

The moon is full, it's Halloween night.
The vampires are out, looking for a bite.

They roam the roads, searching high and low.
For anyone, anything, with a little blood flow.

Grins on their faces, hair slicked back.
They're hunting for life, all dressed in black.

They entered a hood, with trees all around.
Witches in windows, and pumpkins on the ground.

Little ghosts and goblins, crowd the streets.
Ringing door bells, and asking "Trick-or-Treat?"

The vampires wonder, who or what are these?
That go around houses, saying "thank you" and "please"?

"They must have some blood." One vampires did say.
So they gathered together, and headed their way.

They surrounded a group, circled them in.
Another vampire did say, "Let the feast begin!"

They licked their lips, their eyes popped out.
Their fangs did shine, then the skeleton did shout.

"Don't drink our blood, and leave us for dead.
Have some candy, as a treat instead."

So the cat gave them a piece, of a Lifesaver gummy.
To the vampire's surprise, it was actually yummy.

The vampires liked it, and wanted some more.
So the kids tilted their bags, till the candy did pour.

The ate piece by piece, till they were done.
Then said their good-byes, and had to run.

They left in a hurry, not wanting to leave.
But, they'll be back, next Hallows Eve.


Have a SPOOKtacular Halloween!

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