Saturday, September 26, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

     WOW! Can you believe my little Kinley is turning the BIG 3?  Seems like only yesterday we were bringing her home from the she is turning three on Sunday.  Usually,  I plan and plan and plan for my kiddo's birthday parties.  But since moving to Germany planning sort of got put on hold.  And since we don't have Party City or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn or Michael's or Target or even Walmart.....Amazon is usually our best way of getting U.S. party supplies.  However, it takes awhile to get here.  So, instead, this year I planned on taking my little, I mean, big girl to one of those Fairy Tale parks that are really popular here.  And they aren't the Disney fairy tales that everyone has come to love, but the old school fairy tales from the Grimm brothers.  One of the fairy tales I thought would be fun to recreate for Kinley's birthday pictures was Little Red Riding Hood.  So I did some shopping around and found the cutest dress and red hooded cloak from April Scott on Etsy.  So with a few props, little miss and I went out around our town and took some pictures.  

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