Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Chart for Chores

     So recently we have noticed that Liam has way TOO many toys! The Angry Birds are taking over the house!  He just loves those crazy birds.  And since his collection has gotten bigger and bigger he has run out of space in his cubbies in his room.  So I decided to go through all his toys, setting aside the ones Kinley can play with later, ones to he wants to save, and ones to donate or pass on to a friend. That way we get rid of the old to make way for the new.  Also, speaking about the new.....We have come up with a plan so that Liam can earn new toys.  We used to reward him when he was potty training, but he is a pro at that now, and still sometimes expects a surprise when he goes.  He's 5, he should get over it right?  Well, not my son!  So, instead I came up with a simple Chore Chart that he can work on earning his own money to spend on his new toys/Angry Birds.  I want to teach him responsibility but also that you have to put in hard work to get what you want, plus with spending his own money we can teach him about good money choices.  I really hope this works, so far he is liking
it.  But it's only the second day!

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